At Green Suite Hotel Solutions, the human factor is vital to every aspect of how we do business and provide our hotel amenities and guest supplies. From our own employees to our investors, suppliers, customers, and right down our customers’ guests and hotel maintenance staff. We want the interactions with our company and our products to be overwhelmingly positive.


Although we are in business and our collective livelihoods are held dearly, never do we wish to take ourselves too seriously. We are grateful to our customers (large and small), our vendors, and our team members. Our success in the hotel supply industry would be nothing without them and their contributions.


Progressive development of our personal & professional lives is critical to our success. Embracing new ideas, challenging old norms and welcoming input from all team members have been integral to our growth as individuals and as a company. We’ll strive to keep this attitude going forward as we provide hotel amenities that are environmentally friendly and affordable. We’d love to hear your ideas and feedback as well!


Our goal is to have joy in our daily lives and to share it with the people we encounter. We do this by supplying products that improve everyday life in your hotel, with a smile. When we are joyful we spread this feeling to customers, guests, friends, families and, sometimes best, absolute strangers.


We believe it’s our responsibility to give back. Through charity, we give to improve our team, our community, our Earth. Through giving back we grow as people and as a company. A percentage of our hotel guest amenities and supplies sales goes directly to local charities.


We believe that integrity is an amalgamation of all our values — family, love, friendship, dignity, honesty and helpfulness. We do what we say we will and expect the same from all.